Innovative Shipping

We redesigned our equipment to fit 111 more bales per load!

We normally fit 777 bales in a 53' van trailer - most of our competitors can only fit 666 bales. We use every available cubic inch of the trailer to ship considerably more tons per load, all for the same freight rate.

Baling Hay4

Our Unique Balers

A traditional two-string bale does not fit very efficiently into a semi-trailer. We customized our commercial balers to make a slightly smaller, denser bale with the same weight as a standard bale.


Our Telehandlers

We customized our JCB telehandlers so we are able to turn, tilt, and rotate a tier of 21 bales of hay or straw in any direction.

With these amazing machines, we can load a full trailer in just 45 minutes - more efficiently than most others.

Most of our customers prefer van trailers, but we also load flatbeds, curtain-side trailers, and rail containers.

Our years of loading experience have allowed us to develop a process that is flexible and efficient.

Home Farm 1

Our Freight-Friendly Layout

Because we deal with freight companies and truck drivers on a daily basis, we have designed our property to be friendly to the large trucks we load.

Our farms have large enough driveways that easily accommodate over the road trucks, which we can live load in under an hour.

Using our certified 70' truck scale, we can load trucks to the maximum legal weight, helping us to further optimize freight costs.