Our Story

Top quality hay and straw from our family to yours.

What started out as a way to feed some cattle has become our passion.

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The Seeds of a Dream

Neither John Russell nor his wife Denise came from a farm family. But in 1985 they sowed the seeds of their dream, working together part-time with less than $1500 in equipment.

Expanding every year, and paying cash for equipment, the Russells worked hard until they were able to devote themselves full-time to the business in 1992.


The Family Passion

Today with seven children and seven grandchildren so far, the Russells work together in what John describes as their "family passion" - producing top quality hay and straw for horses.

All the Russell kids are involved in the work in some capacity, especially during the summer. Even family vacations typically revolve around National Hay Association conventions.

Boys on Gator

A Solid Work Ethic

Although some seasonal help is hired during hay and straw seasons, most baling is done by immediate family and in-laws.

Russell kids grow up operating hay equipment, driving trucks and tractors long before they can legally drive a car on the road. That kind of responsibility creates a solid work ethic, one of the benefits of growing up in a farming family.


A Long-Term Relationship

To John, reputation is more important than profit. Long-term relationships with customers and vendors are the highest priority.

Even though they have been offered top dollar for hay and straw many times over the years when a customer's normal supplier came up short, the Russells have never sold out their own customers for short-term gain.

Join us for the long haul.