The Highest Quality Hay and Straw
Mother Nature Will Allow

J.D. Russell produces racetrack-quality hay and straw for horses.

Our state-of-the-art equipment, innovative process, and years of experience allow us to provide the highest quality product possible with the weather Mother Nature gives us.

News from the Farm

Double Baler How It Came To Be

Double Baler – How It Came To Be

Why We Needed It In 2013, we found ourselves taking a good, hard look at our balers. We purchased our balers over ten years ago, and they were still in good condition, we needed to make a change. The baler manufacturer didn’t seem to be putting any money towards research and development for small square…

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Straw Markets Racetracks and Reclamation

Straw Markets – Racetracks and Reclamation

In an ideal world, the weather would be predictable and cooperate with farmers allowing us to always produce excellent quality wheat straw, and for the most part, we do. Our best straw goes to racetracks on the East Coast and in the Southern US. Of course, the weather is out of our control, and sometimes…

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